Being a member of the Research Society means being part of an expert network. You benefit from the FPL’s numerous possibilities and services in the fields of

  • research promotion
  • research communication
  • promotion of further education

As a member

  • you can exercise an influence on funded research projects
  • we offer you the possibility to profit from public funding for precompetitive collective research
  • you can use the FPL as a platform for collaborative research projects together with expert partners from industrial and scientific fields
  • you and your enterprise or institution can be part of positive image campaigns for the coating industry as an important key industry in Germany
  • through the FPL you can exert influence on the contents of education and research which are relevant for the coating industry
  • you can profit ideally and materially from innovative future technologies that are fraught with risk and promoted by the FPL
  • via the FPL networks, you can get in contact with leading scientists and experts on the field of coating technology and research
  • you can use different information events and further training activities, provided by the FPL to regularly familiarise your co-workers and yourself with the latest research results concerning coating systems


By the way: Used in the proper way, your membership fee can be a double-digit leverage when accessing institutional research funds.