The Research Society regards itself as a research and communication platform for the implementation of collaborative projects to benefit industry and society. For example measurement and testing methods for the determination of new functionalities of coatings which provide great benefit to the industry are supported.

With projects concerning technology development we support Germany’s advanced know-how in global competition. Through intensive contact with the media, associations, agencies and politics on the basis of innovative projects, we create a positive image of coating technologies and their industries in the public consciousness.

In order to maintain and to strengthen Germany’s strong position even more as a globally considerable research cluster for smart coating systems with technical, economical and ecological significance, the FPL promotes projects and trainings concerning different fields of coatings at universities and polytechnics.

The FPL specifically promotes risk-afflicted research in innovative future topics like energy storage or coupling of biological and technical functions in coatings. Further, the FPL supports its members from SME and large-scale industry to get access to public funding, to international research networks and assists in bringing together suitable project partners from industry and research institutions.